Employment Partners Program

Employment Partners Program

Hiring individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities is a wonderful way to diversify your workforce and meet your staffing needs while also providing opportunities for inclusion for individuals in your community. Aside from being an untapped labor source, there are many other benefits to hiring individuals with disabilities.

Gain a competitive advantage. Research shows that companies committed to hiring people with disabilities tend to outperform their competitors in revenue growth.

Gain access to unique perspectives and creativity. People with disabilities often have advanced problem-solving skills and unique perspectives on overcoming obstacles. These qualities can drive the creation of new products, services, and ways of doing business.

Bolster your company image. Hiring people with disabilities is an outward display of your commitment to inclusion and your investment in the community. Customers and investors reward good corporate citizenship.

Improve your workplace culture. A diverse workplace is more interesting and rewarding. and extending reasonable accommodations to everyone helps retention.

Prepare for the future. Learning how to accommodate employees with disabilities now prepares businesses to accommodate aging customers with disabilities in the future.

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